Friday, 24 January 2014


The department of chemistry has organized a guest lecture The Basic Concepts in Stereochemistry’.                                                      
Resource person: Dr.C.V.Nageswara Rao garu
                                      Professor, NRI institute of technology,

Purpose of the programme:
  •  To gain fundamental understanding of the basic concepts of stereochemistry and the associated terminology.
Outcomes of the programme:

  •      It was an interactive and demonstrative guest lecture.

  • Concepts were explained by showing various models.

  • Explained the significance and role of Stereochemistry in our daily life by giving real examples.

  • Explained the basic concepts and terminology like Symmetry, Asymmetry, Dissymmetry, Enantiomers & Diastereomers, differences between d,l- forms & D,L-forms, Chiral carbon and E-Z isomerism etc,.

    Certificate course (2013-2014)

    Instrumental methods of chemical analysis

    The department of chemistry, Maris Stella College, Vijayawada has organized a UGC sponsored job oriented certificate course “Instrumental methods of chemical analysis” from 26-11-2013 to 19-01-2014 in association with R.V.Labs, Guntur.
              Hands on training is given to a group of 33 students from B.Sc (MPC,CBZ,Bio Tech)  programme on chromatographic techniques like Paper chromatography (PC), Thin layer chromatography (TLC), High performance chromatography (HPLC), Gas chromatography(GC) and UV-Visible spectrophotometry. In addition to these, the students are trained in physico-chemical analysis of water, microbial studies of certain water samples and food analysis.  

    Solvent extraction

    Working with UV-Visible spectrophotometer

Group photo at the end of course

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