Friday, 11 January 2019

Department of Chemistry

Over View

The department was established in 1962 to guide and lead the students in acquiring basic and advanced knowledge of chemistry. It helps to aspire for job and to pursue higher education.

1. Student learning goals
Goal 1: To profusely train the students who are proficient enough in Chemistry.Objectives
Chemistry students will demonstrate mastery of chemistry concepts by various means to meet minimum proficiency standards.
Students will do undergraduate research (mini project) under the direction of faculty mentor.
Goal 2:  To guide and lead the students in acquiring basic and advanced knowledge of chemistry to aspire job and pursue higher education.Objectives
Students will acquire theoretical knowledge required by various chemical industries through the course curriculum (especially elective papers).
Technical emphasis will promote them to enter the work space through practical sessions and certificate course programme.
Goal 3: To transform the students socially responsible, morally strong and face the real life situations.Objectives
Students will   recognize their social responsibilities by participating in public awareness programmes taken up by the department.
Students will  enrich their moral values through value education classes and good practices adopted in the campus.
Students will transform themselves to face real life hurdles through mentoring and counseling.
2. Faculty goals
Goal 1: Faculty will support and recognize continuous improvement in teaching &learning.  
Strive for more reachable and innovative teaching and learning methods beneficial to students.
Help to uplift the slow learners.
Invite eminent resource persons recognized for teaching excellence to seminars/guest lecture/workshops to impart high end knowledge to the students.
Provide the support necessary for new faculty to establish themselves in successful careers.
Goal 2: Faculty will always strive for excellence.
Increase the number of student and faculty participation at connferences /  workshops / seminars etc.
Increase the likelihood that the research work done in the department will result in publications.
Ready to undergo training to enhance knowledge.

Goal 3: Faculty will serve the college and society at large.
Serve the college through various committee representations by  department faculty.
Serve the society through various reach out programmes outside the department.
3. Programme goals
Goal 1: Promote and develop excellence in chemistry teaching.
Support the use of best practices in teaching chemistry including practicals.
Motivate students towards higher education in chemistry.
Goal 2: Promote and develop research attitude in chemistry.
Provide opportunity to do mini project as a part of their UG course.
To fetch funding for research both within the college and external sources.
Provide subject as well as job enrichment opportunities.
Goal 3: Promote and develop job oriented skills and knowledge.

Increase the job opportunities at UG level itself through need based certificate course and elective papers.